'Everyday Backdrop' for Made in Roath 2013

As part of Made in Roath 2013, Artes Mundi collaborated with artist Ben Owen and invited passers-by in St David’s Shopping Centre, Cardiff, to consider travel, migration, borders, and social experiences through the objects they carry in their pockets or bags, whether that be sentimental trinkets, a pair of glasses or a bunch of keys.

Participants were asked to place their objects on the surface of an OHP for large scale projection onto a roll of backdrop paper and could then use an array of colourful transparent and semi-transparent materials to mark and collage these shadowed outlines onto the surface. The two day activity resulted in an 11 metre abstract drawing of miscellaneous, travelling objects.

‘Everyday Backdrop’ for Made in Roath 2013 from Artes Mundi on Vimeo.

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