Artes Mundi 7

The shortlist for Artes Mundi 7 brings together 6 international contemporary artists who directly engage with everyday life through their practice and who explore contemporary social issues across the globe.

Each artist brings their own unique perspective to work that explores what it means to be human in contemporary society. Whether introspective and deeply personal or engaged with broader social and cultural issues, each artist demonstrates the importance of art and culture in our everyday lives, challenging our preconceptions and opening up new ways of engaging with the world around us.

21.10.16 – 26.02.17
venues: National Museum Cardiff  ¦  Chapter
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Selectors & Judges

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Elise Atangana, Independent curator based in Paris and Cameroon and Artes Mundi 6 Judge.

Alistair Hudson, Director of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art

Marie Muracciole, Director of the Beirut Art Centre


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