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Date posted: December 5, 2016

(by Amy Treharne, Artes Mundi 7 Liveguide Leader)


If you were going on a journey, in a boat, what would you take with you?

Do you have something that is precious?
Do you have something that is special to you, that you would miss?
What can’t you live without?
What if you get lonely?
What if there is no electricity? There are no plug sockets.
Can you swim?
What if there is no money where you are going? What if you can’t buy things?


a Minecraft Zombie
a shark to bite and catch fish
a photograph
a rainbow and treasure
a friend
friends and family
a crystal that can turn a person into any kind of sea monster
gold chocolate and cola
bread an orange an egg first aid a paper and writing
a cup a lime cupcake a snowman and a leaf to put onto a tree that doesn’t have any leaves
a dinosaur tractor
a fishing rod

a solar panel
a solar panel
a solar panel


At first the questions provoke an instinctive response. Practical items for survival are pitched against possessions that have financial worth or sentimental value. I enjoy the narratives that develop during decision making. The internal conversations that create dilhemas when faced with a difficult choice.

The groups discuss ecology, political systems and the future of the sea, the trees, the animals, the planet, the cats, us. How do you respond to a child that has chosen to transport gold on their journey? Adults and children project themselves into the future. A Native American proverb is used to challenge existing concepts of value in the face of ecological collapse. We talk about usefulness, meaning and power in a generalised way that children are eager to discuss.


We create workshops to inspire.


Below is a drawing of a device that can be used to locate people. Whether  you are navigating at sea or have landed in an unfamiliar place.








Amy is part of a group of 8 Liveguides that provide daily free tours of the  Artes Mundi 7 exhibition and devise special workshops for schools, families and adults. They will be writing the Artes Mundi 7 blog throughout the length of the exhibition.

To find more about Artes Mundi 7 download the guide.

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