Artes Mundi 7 art tool by G39

Date posted: February 1, 2017

Over the past year G39 has been working with Golant Media Ventures to develop an exciting digital innovation project with the support of NESTA and the Digital Innovation Fund for the Arts in Wales. They set out to find ways to improve the experience of those who attend art shows and to understand what audiences think of exhibitions.

To achieve these goals, they have worked with partners (Artes Mundi and Oriel Wrecsam) on a digital guide that can be applied to different venues, audiences and themes. We couldn’t be happier to open the doors of Artes Mundi 7 to the Beta version of what will certainly become a game-changing tool for arts organisations.


Welcome to the Artes Mundi 7 art tool. Let’s go!


The Artes Mundi 7 art tool developed by G39 and NESTA is interactive. Explore the exhibition navigating through facts and information that interest you.

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