The shortlist for Artes Mundi 7 brings together 6 international contemporary artists who directly engage with everyday life through their practice and who explore contemporary social issues across the globe.

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John Akomfrah

UK, contemporary-artist John Akomfrah has been chosen from a shortlist of 6 of the world’s most important artists to win the UK’s leading prize for international contemporary art, Artes Mundi 7.

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This year’s shortlist is a diverse selection of international artists spanning different generations and cultures. It includes some of the pioneers of current contemporary art practice on the world stage, and the opportunity to showcase their work in this major exhibition is a huge cultural coup for Wales.

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Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates was announced as the winner of Artes Mundi 6 on January 23rd. He chose to split the £40,000 amongst the other shortlisted artists.

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Artes Mundi 5 in 2012 explored social themes from across the globe with insight, compassion and humour offering an artistic platform for commentary on the world we live in today.

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Artes Mundi 5 winner Teresa Margolles examines the economy of death through sculptural interventions and performances, having trained in forensic medicine and worked in a morgue.

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From fresco and drawing to photography and film, Artes Mundi 4 in 2010 explored different worlds and experiences through contemporary art.

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Yael Bartana

Artes Mundi 4 winner Yael Bartana uses documentation, simulations and re-enactments to explore the relationship of the individual within society.

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The first Artes Mundi prize took place in 2004 and was created to celebrate artists who work with ideas of the human form or presence, producing art that adds to our understanding of humanity.

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Xu Bing

Artes Mundi 1 winner Xu Bing has created a series of works in recent years that encourage us to reconsider our assumptions concerning the reliability and value of language, and how we communicate across cultures

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