Thomas Demand

Date posted: January 20, 2011 Back to the exhibition

Thomas Demand's work combines conceptualism, photography and film, using a process of construction, representation and repetition.

Demand starts the process with a pre-existing architectural exterior or interior image often culled from the media, history, or from his own memory. He then meticulously re-creates this image into an elaborate life-sized model constructed from coloured paper and card. Finally he photographs this painstakingly created paper construction before destroying it. It is the representation of this sculpture in the form of photography or film, enlarged to mural size, which is exhibited. Demand’s immaculate photographs could be actual places, compellingly real yet strangely artificial; devoid of people and graphics his images are uncannily sanitised and ambiguous.

Thomas Demand was born in Munich in 1964 and now lives and works in Berlin, having completed his studies in Germany, London and Paris.


Currently exhibiting:

Model Studies, Nottingham Contemporary, 28 Jan 2012 – 15 Apr 2012.

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