Renata Lucas

Date posted: December 12, 2013 Back to the exhibition

Renata Lucas is best known for her work in which she considers public or architectural spaces and alters or changes them in some way. By altering, tampering and playing with these spaces she reveals through her work the ways in which we as individuals are controlled both physically and psychologically by the built environment around us.  By intervening in some way in these spaces she reveals the possibility for different social structures, less rigid, more playful, where the individual has a voice in creating the environment and social structure in which they live.

Using basic building materials (plywood, bricks, concrete), Renata Lucas manipulates urban spaces and architecture to intensify the tension between inside and outside, public and private, past and present. Lucas’ practice is a critical interpretation of how our built environment determines actions, behaviour and social relationships and, by extension, society’s dependency on the preservation of prescribed definitions of space, property and order. In her work Lucas imagines a space where these barriers break down, where the possibility of deconstructing these boundaries, through even as simple a symbolic gesture as tearing down a wall, might result in a different social dynamic. By offering an alternative spatial imagination, one that brings into consideration malleability, manipulation and play, Lucas provokes the possibility of new subjective and collective engagement within our built environment.