Carlos Bunga

Date posted: December 12, 2013 Back to the exhibition

Originally trained as a painter, Portuguese artist Carlos Bunga has been experimenting with the crossover between painting and sculpture for more than a decade. Creating large, site-specific installations Bunga’s work touches on issues relating to demographics, immigration, socio-economic disparity, and the fragility of contemporary city life.

Bunga creates architecturally-scaled installations, made from mass-produced materials such as cardboard, packing tape and household paint. These maquettes resemble temporary shelters or surreal colourful urban interiors which are in dialogue with the surrounding architecture of the gallery, reconfiguring it somewhere between a decaying space and a construction site.

Working across installation, sculpture, painting, performance, video and drawing Bunga’s practice involves a highly developed degree of aesthetic care and delicacy, and a conceptual complexity derived from the interrelationship between doing and undoing, transience and permanence, unmaking and remaking.



Artes Mundi 6 Artist Film Carlos Bunga from Artes Mundi on Vimeo