Art Car Bootique

Chapter, Cardiff

14 April 2013 10.30-6.30pm

The Art Car Bootique is the coolest ‘car-boot sale’ you have ever been to with over 70 pitches of art, fashion, performance, vintage booters and curated projects. It is a celebration of Cardiff’s creative community, a psychedelic village fete complete with a rolling church to get hitched, village green bandstand and an evening sing-a-long wedding disco.

Using the Art Car Bootique’s theme of ‘guilty pleasures,’ Artes Mundi offered people the chance to give in to temptation and curate their own ‘Guilty Pleasure Art Show’ in our makeshift gallery.

Following an open call we put together a selection of guilty pleasure prints – from a secret desire for dog portraits to a longing for landscapes. All the ‘guest curators’ had to do was choose their favourite from the rack, put on some curator gloves (essential wearing!) and decide which artwork to take down to make room for their guilty pleasure… 

Take a look at the results, along with the poll for the most popular guilty pleasure artworks

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