Fernando Bryce

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Fernando Bryce stopped painting over ten years ago to work primarily in Indian ink. He examines how visual and written media create and convey a perception of a country, a people, or an historical event.

Adopting a drawing style that is reminiscent of mid 20th century comic strips, he re-presents printed material he finds, from political propaganda to promotional literature. Through this process of copying, Bryce highlights the ways in which facts are constructed, culture is described and history is reported. His reproductions question the credibility of the printed page.

Fernando Bryce was born in Lima, Peru in 1965 but has lived in Europe for more than twenty years. He first considered making copies or facsimiles after remembering how in Peru, copies of museum objects travelled the country as educational tools when the real objects existed elsewhere in the world. By carefully selecting the images he copies from newspapers, leaflets and propaganda print, Bryce suggests how much history is packaged and re-packaged to suit its authors. He urges us to look at historical images ‘with a political eye’.

In 2009 he exhibited work in the 53rd Venice Biennale and completed a residency at the Deutsche Akademie Villa Massimo, Rome. With regular solo shows at Galeria Barbara Thumm, Berlin, Germany and Galerie Joan Prats, Barcelona, Spain, Bryce has exhibited his work at the Fundació Antoni Tapiès, Barcelona, Spain (2005) and in group shows Out of
time: A contemporary View (2006) and Drawing from the Modern 1975-2005 (2005) at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York in. His work is also held in several collections including The Museum of Modern Art, New York and The Tate Modern, London.

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