Bedwyr Williams

Date posted: September 17, 2015 Back to the exhibition

National Museum Cardiff, Gallery 21

Bedwyr Williams uses multimedia, performance and text to explore the friction between ‘the deadly serious’ and ‘the banal’ aspects of modern life. Williams is known for satirizing the relationship between the artist and curator by creating absurd scenarios for them to appear in. More recently he has explored, through video, themes of dystopia and mankind’s significance in the universe. Williams is shortlisted for the Film London Jarman Award 2015 and represented Wales at the 55th Venice Biennale.

Video, in recent years, has become of particular interest after a decade working with spoken word performance. This new film work mixes media and involves collaboration using humour and bathos to explore issues and subjects including, our insignificance in the universe (The Starry Messenger, 2013) a hoarding dystopian future (ECHT, 2014) and buildings with odd angles (Hotel 70º, 2015).

His most recent work ,Century Egg, 2015, made during a residency with the Museums of Cambridge University, ponders the idea of preserving objects and the moment when ‘things’ become archived ‘things’. It will be presented at the British Art Show in 2015.

Recent and forthcoming solo shows include Whitworth, Manchester, UK; Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, IR; g39, Cardiff, UK; Vestjyllands Kunstpavillion, DK (all 2015); Tramway, Glasgow, UK for Glasgow International; Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno,UK (2014); 55th Venice Biennale for Welsh Pavillion,Venice, IT, (2013); IKON, Birmingham, UK (2012); and Kunstverein Salzburger, Salzburg, AT (2011).

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