Adrian Paci

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Adrian Paci originally studied painting in Albania where he was born in 1969. Initially earning a living from restoring early religious frescoes, he left to study in Italy.

Towards the end of the 1990s he re-settled in Milan when his homeland went through a period of chaotic political and social change. Many of his early works reflect the consequences of political conflict and upheaval but he has said that “Albania and our emigration are the context of my works rather than their theme.”

Through his films, photographs, paintings and installations Adrian Paci explores the dimension of being in between, the tensions of not belonging and the sense of shifting identities. In his early work he re-created very personal experiences within his family circle, with his more recent work he draws upon the universal. In doing so he does not hesitate to mix imagination and reality, combining humour, pathos and a sensitivity to subject matter.

More recently he has returned to fresco painting, depicting scenes from Albanian wedding videos. In these he juxtaposes ordinary detail – gestures and expressions with important symbolic and cultural rites. His paintings become a window onto a different time and place.
Currently exhibiting:

Finalist for 2012 Arte Contemporanea Italiana, MAXXI Art, Rome, 27th January – 20th May 2012.

Per Speculum, Monash University Museum of Art, Australia, 1st February – 17th April 2012.

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